Thank you for choosing Ocugine as a primary platform for game development. This site is dedicated to deep learning of our platform. Here we tried to talk about all aspects of the work and provide the most complete documentation.

What is Ocugine?

Ocugine Platform - is a full-featured ecosystem for game developers, whose task is to reduce the cost of creating the final product. Our platform includes dozens ready to use services (analytics, cloud-storage and databases, backend builder, multiplayer services, advertising, monetization, game services, integration with third-party services using single SDK, etc), game editor for hybrid HTML5 games and full-featured portal where you can find a publisher, outsource services and investors. Using our platform you can speed up your game development process and increase user retention after project release.

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Who are the Ocugine services for?

Ocugine Platform created for you, if you are:

  • Professional Team or Indie game developer;
  • Want to speed-up your game development process;
  • Want to increase user retention and IAP-revenue using dozens of ready-to-use marketing solutions;
  • Need high performance for your services;
  • Need broad compatibility with multiple platforms using a single SDK or API interface.
  • Want to get powerful game services using a simple API interface;
  • Want to get unified and easy to setup SDK for cross-platform games;
  • Abandon the difficulties in favor of simple solutions;
  • Do not have the money to organize your network infrastructure;
  • Need to get clear, carefully prepared documentation;

Found yourself on this list? So, let's get started with Ocugine Platform!

Easy to setup for game development

You can develop your games using Ocugine Platform by few simple steps:
1) Create your account on Ocugine Platform website;
2) Create and setup your first project using Dashboard;
3) Integrate our SDK in your game or create your own game using Ocugine Game Builder;
4) Setup all required services for your game and build your project;
5) Publish your game or find a publisher using Ocugine Platform;
6) Make money with Ocugine!

Let's make awesome games together with Ocugine Platform.
Regards, Ocugine Team!