Get Started

How to start working with Ocugine Platform?

In this section, we will learn the basics of working with Ocugine Platform. Before you start working with the platform, determine your goal and learn the basics. This documentation provides in-depth information on working with all aspects of the platform.

Choose Your target

Before you begin, determine your purpose. Our platform is ready to solve several problems for you at the same time:

  • Ocugine Services offer a wide range of ready-to-use tools that simplify the development of your games, no matter the platforms or game engines you use to implement your projects.
  • Ocugine Game Builder - ready-to-use cross-platform HTML5 game engine with Ocugine Services at the box and easy to use game editor for your Indie games.
  • With the Ocugine Platform you can find publishers, outsourcing teams, investors or marketing tools.

Next Steps

So, when you determine your target, you need to learn some basics:
1) How to create an Ocugine Account;
2) How to setup your Ocugine Platform project;
3) Ocugine Platform Dashboard overview;
4) How to work with Game Builder;
5) How to setup an Ocugine SDK / Direct API;
6) How to find a publisher / investor or other partner with Ocugine Platform;


If you have some problems or you have some questions about the Ocugine Platform, you can do the following:

Or you can contact us directly:

  • For USA: +1 (888) 480-09-70
  • For UK: +44 (800) 520-00-73
  • International Support: +1 (929)230-13-20
  • Contact Email: [email protected]