Dashboard Overview


Most of the time you will lead your project using the Ocugine Platform dashboard. With Ocugine Dashboard you can setup all ready-to-use modules, view analytics, payments, work with cloud services and build games with our HTML5 game framework. Collaborate with your team and work together using unified ecosystem of the Ocugine.

Ocugine Dashboard


So, let's take a look at the Ocugine Platform dashboard. Let's look at the control panel workspace so that you can easily navigate it.

Ocugine Dashboard Overview

Available working areas:

  1. Project Switcher - Click on this button if you want to switch to another project.
  2. Notifications Panel - Here you can view the latest notifications of the current project.
  3. Profile Panel - Here you can change your user profile and proceed to Ocugine Support Center.
  4. Settings Panel - Here you can see your project settings and payments.
  5. Sidebar - The main menu of the control panel is located in this area. With it, you can access all the functions of the control center.
  6. Fast Actions - Here you can see all fast actions for the current project and module. Usually there are buttons for adding data and a link to the documentation.
  7. Data Management Area - Here you can manage all your data for the current project and module.
  8. Live Support - Have some questions? Just contact us using this button. We are online!


You can work with all features in unified Ocugine Dashboard:

  • Manage your game users;
  • Send notifications;
  • Work with Users support;
  • Control in-app chats and personal messages;
  • View users reviews;
  • Manage Game Policy;
  • Work with Marketing tools;
  • Analyze your game data;
  • Upload data to cloud;
  • Work with databases and backend services;
  • Create leaderboards, achivements, teams, missions etc.;
  • Manage monetization and player inventory;
  • Control all social functionality;
  • Build your games in the cloud;
  • Get all reports from your games;
  • Work together with Events, Tasks, Documents and Board;
  • Build games with our Game Editor;
  • View list of publishers and investors;
  • View list and work with outsource teams;
  • Promote your game;
  • Integrate your game with third-party services;
  • Manage localization;

We hope that our ecosystem will help you control the entire development process and create unique game worlds.

What's next?

You can learn deep documentation for Ocugine Dashboard, Game Builder and Game Services usage.

If you need some help with Ocugine Platform - please, contact us.