April 2019

Developer Agreement Updates

In the April innovation, clearer definitions of terms were added for agreement with developers who plan to use (or are currently using) the Ocugine platform. We periodically try to update our rules and respect all our partners and customers. Below you can find a list of innovations.

1. Definitions

In the "1. Definitions" section, new definitions have been added:

  • Authorized Provider - an organization authorized to charge a fee for distributing Products sold to users of Devices.
  • Ocugine Platform - software, ecosystem and services (including Ocugine Console, Ocugine Engine, Ocugine SDK), which allow developers to create their software products, as well as distribute, test and debug them using the above-mentioned services.
  • VK - social network, software and services (including VK Developers), which allow developers to distribute products among users of their social system in browsers.
  • Payment Processing Partner - a person authorized by Ocugine to provide services that allow developers who have payment accounts to receive and pay for Ocugine Products and Services.
  • Taxes - any federal, regional or municipal sales taxes, operating taxes, value-added taxes, goods and services, and other similar transactional taxes. This term does not mean telecommunications and other similar taxes, property taxes, and taxes related to your income, including withholding taxes, taxes on profits, franchises, businesses, professions, etc.