Dashboard Docs


Ocugine Platform - full-featured ecosystem for game developers. You can create your own games faster with our Direct API / SDK and Dashboard. In this section you can learn how to work with Ocugine Platform via our Dashboard.

With Ocugine Dashboard you can manage:

  • Your users, notifications, reviews and support topics;
  • Use marketing and Analytics tools to increase your retention and IAP-revenue;
  • Manage all game services (achievements, leaderboards, teams, monetization, mutiplayer, security, social functionality, cross-play, missions);
  • Cloud-Development and Management (content delivery and storage, databases, live-configs, backend builder, etc);
  • Back-Office and Project Management (messaging, notifications, events and todos, access management, board, etc.);
  • Reports Manager;
  • API Sandbox;
  • Publising and Featuring;
  • Outsourcing;
  • Promotion and Advertising;
  • Localization;
  • Integrations and Plugins management;

About Dashboard

With Ocugine Dashboard you can manage all Ocugine Services, work with your partners, publish and promote your games and collaborate with your team. Learn more about how to get started. If you have some questions - contact us.