Project Settings


To work on your project through Ocugine Direct API or one of Ocugine SDK - you need to setup your project. In this section you can learn more about all project settings and get full description for every setting.

You can find your project settings on this page.

General Settings

General Settings - A number of add-ons that will be used during authorization, obtaining information about your project by other users and the settings of our tools for your product.

Here you can setup the following information about your project:

  • Project Name - for example "Grand Theft Arizona". Not longer than 50 symbols;
  • Project Description - A brief description of the project, in a nutshell telling about its essence. Not longer than 250 symbols;
  • Project Image - A cover image that serves as the avatar of your project. It is displayed on OAuth authorization pages, project lists and other public sources. This may be the icon of your project. We recommend using 256x256 icon of your game;


In the next question you can see your secured application settings. You can use this params to connect with Direct API and work with Ocugine Platform.

Do not share or publish this information with anyone. This may result in data loss.

Here you can see following information:

  • Project ID - Your public Ocugine Project ID;
  • Client Key - Your client key to identify project for API;
  • Secret Key - A secret key used on the server side to work with secure methods, such as monetization or anti-cheat.

Remove Project

You can delete your project, but keep in mind that most of the data associated with them will also be deleted. We do not advise you to resort to this option, it is unnecessary, as this can lead to sad consequences.

What's Next?

So, when you learned the basics of working with the Ocugine control panel - you can learn more about Ocugine Direct API or SDK on following pages.