In-App Chating


Using the Chat module, you can organize communication within your games. Just integrate with our module through SDK or API and get access to a ready-made communication system.
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Chat Rooms

Our system allows you to create, edit and delete chat rooms. You can use a single room, for this, redirecting players using the API or SDK to the room you need.

To create a new chat room - click on the appropriate button and fill in the description, name and visibility of the room. Those rooms that you specified as "Invisible" will not be returned in the list when you receive the list of rooms through the API or SDK.

Chat Moderation

When you have created a chat room, you can proceed to its moderation using the control panel. To do this, click on the "Open" button in the room table. A chat moderation window will open in front of you. There you can write and delete messages, as well as block users in the chat.

When a user is blocked, he will be blocked only in the corresponding room.


The chat system has some limitations that we should talk about:

  • At the same time, no more than 50 messages are displayed in the chat. Old messages are permanently deleted.
  • You cannot create more than 20 rooms at a time for a project.