A notification system allows you to send out important messages to your users. You can use both PUSH notifications (subject to the use of SDK) and internal game notifications. Using the notification system, you can target specific conditions.

Notifications Center

You can track all the notifications you sent through a special panel. There you can view the status of notifications and information about them.

Available information in the notification center:

  • Name - The name of notification;
  • Content - Notification Content;
  • Platform - Notification Platform;
  • For Authentication - Special authentication condition status;
  • Status - Here you can view the general status of notifications. It displays how many users have already viewed it;
  • User Group - Targeting flag based on group condition;
  • Targeting - Shows whether notification targeting is enabled or disabled;
  • Time - Notification Submission / Change Time;
  • Action - Available Actions;

Adding Notification

When creating and sending notifications, you need to specify some parameters for working with them.

Available options:

  • Notification Name;
  • Notification Content;
  • Platform (All Platforms, Android, iOS, Windows, Nintendo Switch, XBox, PS4, etc);
  • Priority;
  • Authentication (When you use an option "Only for Authenticated users" you can setup targeting by advanced fields and user groups.);
  • User Group (Notification targeting by group);
  • Targeting (Advanced targeting);

Native Integrations

If you want to use native PUSH - you need to setup your SDK. You can learn more about SDK integration here.