Policy Management

About Policy Management

You can create and manage policies in your application, as well as generate ready-made policies from templates. Thus, you can create and, in the future, modify or delete various policies, including the Privacy Policy, user agreement, etc.

When you create new Policy, you need to set:

  • Policy Name (up to 50 symbols);
  • Policy Body;

When you generate a Policy from template, you need to set:

  • Company Name;
  • Company Location;
  • Company Phone;
  • Company Email;

And choose a template:

  • Privacy Policy (Simple or Ocugine Based);
  • Terms of Service (Simple or Ocugine Based);
  • License Agreement (EULA);

When you use an Ocugine Based Policy or Terms of Service - this document will be generated in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the European Union and the USA, and is also applicable to the use of the entire platform functionality.