SDK Documentation


To work with Ocugine Direct API - you can use our SDK to not access the services directly. They will help you establish the connection between the platform and the final product in just a few lines of code.
You can see below the list of available SDK.

Available SDK

At this moment Ocugine Platform has the following SDK:

  • JS SDK
  • C# SDK
  • Cordova SDK
  • Phaser SDK
  • Unity SDK
  • C++ SDK
  • Python SDK

In the near future, the following SDK will be available:

  • Unreal Engine 4 SDK
  • Construct 2 + Construct 3 SDK
  • Java SDK
  • Kotlin SDK
  • Visual Basic SDK
  • Ruby SDK
  • CryEngine SDK
  • GoDot SDK
  • Xenko SDK
  • WinJS SDK

What's Next?

We have deep documentation for every SDK. If you have some questions about SDK - you can ask us here.